A company can best be measured against the success of its clients. Without you, there is nothing to build, nothing to weld, nothing to bend, nothing to make.


Having Steelworks on your project means having a company that will stay with you.


A company you can trust now and again in the future. We will assist you in the building phase, implementation phase, and in any other way you may require. Think of Steelworks the next time you need a dependable, reputable company.


As a businessman who knows the importance of having the right tools for the job, Steelworks Inc. founder and CEO, Marco Julien strives everyday to create and innovate in order to provide valued customers with quality workmanship.


Established in 1994 and with 25+ years of expertise in drafting, fabricating and erecting steel structures, Steelworks Inc. is a leading supplier and contractor of structural steel solutions to a host of leading producers across the region.


Initially based out of a 5,000 sq. ft. building with a small fleet of four vehicles, Steelworks Inc. was committed to providing the very best service and product to its budding customer portfolio. Making the best with the limited workspace and equipment available at the time, project demand grew over time allowing the company to expand. Over time, and with continued investment in tools and equipment, Steelworks Inc. grew to be based out of a sprawling 35,000 sq. ft. multi-shop building. Its current portfolio boasts structures of 600+ tons of steel as well as national and international customers.


Additionally, Steelworks Inc. has expanded its workforce. The CWB accredited W47.2 certified company now encompasses a multi-disciplined workforce comprised of a Draftsman, Fabricators, CWB Certified Welders and Industrial Painters.


Whether a project is big or small, our extensive tooling experience allows Steelworks to successfully tackle all fabrication projects. Our fully trained and certified employees can handle any welding and erection work, as well as on-site installation. Steelworks Inc also has proven expertise with the construction, installation and maintenance of overhead cranes.