Welding can be dangerous work. Expertise is a must for a quality weld to ensure the success of every project.


Our on-site welding and installation service is one more reason Steelworks stands apart from other companies. A regular install generates downtime. This can be minimized when one of our crews assists you in your installation – speeding up the process and allowing your workers to focus on their regular duties. Our ability to set up machines and equipment, at the same time or on a separate call, is an even greater benefit.

Steelworks' on-site welding services allow you to have a CWB certified millwright attend your location, and perform the welding. Rates may vary from location to location, but will always be affordable for each project.

Stay safe, and have peace of mind knowing Steelworks' certified welders will handle your project quickly and efficiently.

Discover the Steelworks Advantage on your next on-site welding and installation project.