Zero Harm Policy

Steelworks Welding & Fabrication Inc. is fully committed to creating a ZERO Harm/ZERO Incident environment for all our employees and subcontractors, free from recognizable and preventable hazards.

The safety culture at Steelworks Inc. is based upon the concept that all incidents can be prevented. Each employee MUST embrace our ZERO Incident vision and contribute to the culture values that support prevention as a way of life.

In order to achieve our goal of ZERO Incidents, Steelworks Inc. prides itself on providing leadership, the most up to date education, both in-house training (i.e. W.H.M.I.S., Worker & Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness, etc.) and external training (e.g. IHSA–Working at Heights, NORCAT, etc.), as well as incentive and enforcement to eliminate unsafe conditions and behaviors. In a ZERO Harm environment, safety is value-based, not priority based. Doing something safely is recognized as much as efficiency, quality, and productivity.

Our Internal Responsibility System (I.R.S.), comprised of our Joint Health & Safety Committee, our Certified Members, our management team, and our workers, is a joint partnership among all members of Steelworks Inc. Within our I.R.S., everyone has a direct responsibility for health and safety as an integral part of his or her job.

With the help of our management team, our certified Construction Health & Safety Officer, our Joint Health & Safety Committee, and our memberships to Health & Safety Associations (Infrastructure Health & Safety Association, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services), we will continue to maintain our focus on ZERO Harm.