With decades of steel and structural welding experience, Steelworks continues to demonstrate its proven track record of successful steel work construction.

welderOur facility employs a wide of array of advanced tools from sophisticated equipment to complex automated robotic machinery. Steelworks can meet the requirements for complex work, rapid completion, as well as prolonged and repeat work. Our ability to tackle welding challenges from multiple angles gives Steelworks a distinct advantage in the industry.

Welding is a certifiable trade that requires many hours to master. It can be done in multiple positions, and in many mediums. Steelworks employs a team of certified, experienced individuals who are more than capable of meeting your welding needs. Any project can be completed locally or abroad, with competitive rates for local jobs, on site work or long distance shipping.

As a shop certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau, Steelworks assures that all work is completed by a team in an environment that meets all government safety and durability requirements.

Discover the Steelworks Advantage on your next welding project.